ELIZABETH PRICE is a London-based, Turner Prize-winning artist creating highly distinctive multi-channel video works. Prices’ most ambitious work to date is a trilogy of new works titled SLOW DANS, conceived to be exhibited as a single large-scale, projection-installation.

BRITISH STANDARD TYPE was commissioned to produce a headline and text typeface that would build upon the ideas of the work, melding organic and digital languages to provide a tool that is a central asset of the artworks.
Taking the format of the screens used in the artworks as a module for the construction of the monospaced letterforms and utilising pixel-based blending to create a hybrid digital language. The headline typeface features three sets of alternates that provide varying levels of degradation and deploy in synergy with the changing tone of the artworks. A text version with a higher x-height and lowercase completes the family and is suitable for more extended settings.
The typefaces are used across the trilogy of video works, exhibition signage, limited edition artworks, and monograph. The SLOW DANS trilogy is displayed internationally earning 5-star reviews in the press.
Typeface: FT Headline & FT Text Commissioner: Elizabeth Price Stylistic Alternates: 3 2 Styles: Regular Headline & Text Coverage: Latin-A Encoded Classification: Pixel Sans Serif URL: artangel.org.uk/project/slow-dans

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