Ella Eyre - Ego Music Video

  • Sophia Ray
I directed the latest music video for mega star Ella Eyre. For this video I wanted to create a cartoon-like, bubblegum, larger then life, world for Ella to use as her playground, as she dreams about that guy who is oh-so-fit but definitely knows it.
I wanted the video to feel dream-like; we begin in every girls safe haven, her bedroom, and travel go through a highly visual pastel world, filled with iconic self-indulged selfie-taking-statues high up in the dreamy heavens, glitter monster backing dancers, defaced busts, and a rather earnest but pretty guy who is taking himself way too seriously.
Ella is falling through this egotistical world and bringing the fun back into it, trying catch the guys attention. But by the end of the video she is just having way too much fun to really give a damn about him at all!

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    Partizan Productions