Ellesse #MYSTYLEMYRULES - Muse Misty

  • Thomas Lockyer

At the moment, you can catch Shudu in Ellesse’s recent brand campaign. She is modelling alongside a model that inspired Wilson, Misty, as well as Instagram-famous stunt expert Harry Gallagher. Speaking about the inclusion of Shudu, Ellesse’s brand director, Simon Beckon, said: “Breaking the rules of sameness has been a longstanding ethos underpinning for the brand over the last sixty years and Ellesse has now taken the exploration of individual style one-step further for the SS19 campaign by rendering an AI’s style being influenced by an IRL muse. One thing we didn’t want to do though was just offer a spot in our campaign line-up to a digital influencer, when we could also offer this creative opportunity to the real talent behind the inspiration in the campaign – so we decided to feature both equally.” The model Misty acted as a stand-in model for Shudu in the Ellesse shoot. These images were then turned into Shudu images for the campaign. Misty then also starred in the SS19 campaign for Ellesse as herself. “We’d been talking about working together because [Misty] has such a similar appearance and has been a fan of my work,” explains Wilson. “One of the major considerations was to have the opportunity to work with models who inspire me, and inspired me to create Shudu, and continue to create imagery of Shudu.” Muse Misty - https://www.thediigitals.com/misty Full Evening Standard Article - https://www.standard.co.uk/tech/digital-models-shudu-cameronjames-wilson-interview-a4073871.html?fbclid=IwAR3emOV9Ph3gPa_sowLum0KWIBeDbl7I0uWH-lS5L6SIQgoyu_yH8ZjSSTM