Email Marketing at BlockPay

I did email marketing for BlockPay using MailerLite (I've worked with copywriters and designers to create an email).
We had monthly email letters to subscribers with new information about the company + some new content that they would only be able to see on our email letters.
Results: # of subscribers has increased from 500 to 800 over the course of 4.5 months, % of open emails was about 20%.
See full email here:
As long as, the company was in the beginning stage the main task was to increase brand awareness and engagement.
We've come up with an idea of Christmas contest. We've shared this information over all social media accounts and through email subscription.
Results: engagement has increased by 10% (over all social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), about 100 people took part in the contest.
See full email here:

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Valeriya Anoshina

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