emg initiative.

  • Alex Noble
EMG is an ethical, creative design initiative, pioneering inventive sustainability in the higher end of the creative cultural market. Raising awareness and funds for a selection of charities and causes, through the production and sale of exclusive and unique designs at pop up boutiques and exhibitions.

Projects will run, collaborating with a range of creatives, addressing different areas but with a focus on humanitarian issues, like those caused by the fashion and textile industries and the global challenges around LGBT and gender equality. Designers from different disciplines will be invited to contribute to the projects, to foster discussion, creative practice and communication on larger issues that result from a demanding consumerist culture.

Our practice often leaves us with quantities of left over materials, beautifully embroidered silks, chiffons and printed fabric. The cost of production and purchase of these materials is high, not only financially but also in other aspects when it comes to how and where they are produced. The initiative seeks to utilise these remnants and aims to see none of these fine materials go to waste.

Reassigning them to beautiful products, to raise funds and awareness for causes such as children in the work force, child abuse, women’s rights, and access to justice and the fatal health and safety issues within production factories.