Empowered Melanin

  • Oyinkansola Popoola

At its very core, this project is a photographic exploration of Black female empowerment, focusing on uplifting visual representations of Black women holding powerful positions. Having researched the disastrous impact which slavery has had and continues to leave on Black womanhood both consciously and subconsciously and in every aspect of life, I felt the urge to challenge the negative representations of Black women through a more positive lens. Given that so much of the trauma that Black women face is intergenerational and passed on through the media, it only felt right to use a medium most familiar to me, that being photography. Noting that Black women were not even seen as human, let alone women, during the Slave Trade and throughout history, I hope to use my creative voice to serve as a reminder of our humanity, and to inspire younger generations to know their worth, God-given essence, and beauty.