Empty Days Club (Produced/Mixed/Mastered)

  • Tim Malkin
  • Jake Greenway

As lockdown was introduced, Covid-19 gripped the nation, and the music industry fell into perhaps it’s deepest slumber yet, artists everywhere sat in their box rooms and filmed themselves on Instagram Live; beaming themselves directly into the rooms of their fans across cities, countries and the world itself. In the beginning, live streams were the lifeblood. Then came the listening parties, and then came the stark reality that new music may not appear for quite some time. But it is in these times of uncertainty that so often ingenuity breeds. And it is one particular moment of ingenuity that birthed the idea of Empty Days Club. Formed of members from Catholic Action, Diving Station, Golden Age Of TV, The How & The Hum, Marsicans, Sea Legs, Talkboy, and the Empty Days Club House Band (a collection of musicians from Leeds), most of the musicians are still yet to meet in person and yet have managed to create not only a great piece of art but a collection of music that is, in a way, a sign post of the times. Here, we not only have completely new music, not only do we have new bands, not only do we have sheer quality, but the story of Empty Days Club has the backdrop of unprecedented times. Take your favourite Super Group of the last 10 years, all musicians already established. All from fairly similar backgrounds, right? All just dudes hanging out, right? How about this, then: A super group formed of completely new bands, and artists, all from different backgrounds in music, all northern - some even Scottish - with an EP of songs written separately in different houses, recorded on different laptops, and shared via email? Ingenious, right? There’s more… The debut EP from the collective, is multi-faceted in genre, whilst having a lineage in sonic format that somehow makes it all form a cohesive sound - the fact that Parasite is on the same EP as Saccharine Days makes this project special in itself. In terms of time in music the artists could well be referred to as infants, but together, and on this EP in particular, they write as though they are 10 years their senior. Empty Days Club will be donating all profits from sales of the EP to the NHS in support of helping the doctors and nurses get access to the relevant PPE they need whilst battling Covid-19. The EP will be available for digital download via Bandcamp on the 7th August 2020, to coincide with the BandCamp Friday initiative.

Listen here - https://emptydaysclub.bandcamp.com/releases