Emulate - a training aid for ultrasound guided medical injections

  • Steven Thomas

Emulate is a modular task trainer that simulates parts of the body to help teach medical professionals how to use an ultrasound machine whilst injecting fluid. Ultrasound is often used in hospitals to help guide injections to a specific area, but the skills required to perform the procedures can be challenging to learn. Existing training products are prohibitively expensive, so many training departments have resorted to DIY alternatives - such as tofu - that provide a subpar experience. Emulate uses a recyclable hydrogel (ADAMgel*) as the injection medium in a modular ‘scenario’. An internal fluid pumping system creates realistic blood flow through the hydrogel, with instant feedback provided upon nerve contact by visual and audio warnings. The ultrasound image created when scanning the device replicates that of a patient – allowing for safe, repeatable and cost-effective training. Shortlisted for the Breakthrough Design Award at New Designers 2021 Exhibiting at New Designers 2021: https://www.newdesigners.com/exhibitors/bournemouth-university/ James Dyson Award Submission: https://www.jamesdysonaward.org/2021/project/emulate/ 3D Model available at: https://fodt.bournemouth.ac.uk/student/steven.thomas *More information about ADAMgel can be found here: https://stel.bmj.com/content/1/Suppl_2/A27.2