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English National Opera

English National Opera (ENO) is one of the world’s most innovative and accessible opera companies, historically receiving of one of the largest grants that Arts Council England (ACE) bestows. In recent years, ENO has faced a number of challenges limiting fundraising outside of this grant. However, rather than opting to downsize and become a part-time producer, ENO is re-shaping its fundraising portfolio to be less reliant on government funding and instead build robust and commercially-oriented medium to long-term partnerships with the private sector.

ENO has recently chosen to apply for significantly less ACE funding - (£37,140,000 in 2015/18 compared to £51,362,711 in 2012/15). With the ambitious drive that leads to so many of its outstanding productions - and with Cause4's guidance and support - the opera company has instead expanded its business model to be more sustainable and deliver even more adventurous work with further reach. Cause4 and ENO have worked together since November 2013. Initially invited to react to individual elements of ENO's fundraising strategy and help put in place a task-orientated action plan, Cause4 has been proactively involved in ENO's now clear road map for future sustainability.

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