Entità: serving realness

  • Maria Rodrigues

Entità was a brand created with and for Drag Queens. Our brand was born with inspiration in Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. In the body of work, which portrays the battle of two lovers from rival families, there is an evident lack of acceptance due to societal norms, even if those concern family feuds the most. However, we get to experience first-hand just how much the disapproval of their love affects their lives. It was with this set of injustices in mind that the vision for our brand was developed: we wanted our brand to be a comfortable and safe space for minorities that, in the present, are somehow oppressed.

For Entità, not only did we conceptualize the brand for it to be a meaningful one in today's environment, but developed the whole brand image, from brandbook, to stationery and advertisement.