Epoxy-Coated Tank in Morocco

  • Design Manager

https://3d-labs.com/bolted-storage-tank/ Epoxy-lined storage tanks are epoxy lined carbon steel vessels. They are designed for commercial and industrial systems that require internal protection more robust than traditional fabricated plain steel designs. The tanks are designed to store water for a potable water or water heating system. Adaptation of materials to their environment, their chemical inertness and their mechanical strength are fundamental criteria when choosing a tank. APRO Industrie epoxy-coated steel tanks meet the needs of the most demanding storage requirements, whether they be due to temperature, pH variation or the chemical composition of the liquids (chlorides, sulphates, H2S, demineralised water etc.). Our epoxy solutions combine mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, tolerance to high temperatures, longevity and competitivity. CONTACT NO : 00212609096077