Equilibrium, 2016

Acrylicize created a stunning light installation in the lobby windows of Lacon House. The client Blackstone, who are one of the World’s leading investment firms, added Lacon House to its property portfolio in 2014. Lacon House offers contemporary office space in one of the most well connected areas of London. The client commissioned Acrylicize to create an art installation that would reflect the contemporary nature of the building, as well as rebranding the building and creating an entrance which is striking yet welcoming. The result was Equilibrium; an intricate and highly detailed bespoke lighting installation representing the sun and moon.
Acrylicize decided upon a lighting sculpture to add sparkle and interest to the space during the day and illuminate the front of Lacon House at night. Equilibrium is two lighting sculptures which are part of the same concept, looking at the duality of the Sun and Moon and their relationship. The whimsical nature of the piece lends itself to the concept describing how these celestial orbs have travelled down through the Atrium and become trapped within the front bay windows at Lacon House. The negative form that creates the Sun and its reflective positive shape creating the moon describe a symmetry in the installation, the density of the moon orb creating a harmonious equilibrium once it fills the empty void of the main Sun piece. Equilibrium is an intricate and highly detailed bespoke lighting installation, designed to draw in the warmth of the sunlight outside and be reflective of the sun and moons intrinsic relationship. The light work acts as an ethereal time piece, five minute cycles of communication with dramatic simulations building towards the hour, finishing with hourly crescendos of moving lights.
Onlookers are rewarded with a restored sense of energy and wellbeing as they witness the subtle ebb and flow of thousands of delicate illuminated orbs. This elegant fluidity brings movement and life into the space and as day turns to night, the piece takes on an ethereal presence as the lights are gently dimmed to reflect the calming of the hectic city day. The delicacy of the hanging installation creates an intimate experience, with brass and glass balls floating within the space to create an elegant prism reflecting its surroundings and any human interaction with the art work. On further investigation the form of the sun will appear and disappear when viewed at different angles, showcasing the micro and macro success of the piece and rewarding repeat viewings. On moving around the piece the viewer will become consumed by the forest of lights and for those few moments of each day creating a sense of serenity.