Erbgħin Kreattiv

This is a project proposal I produced for ''Erbgħin Kreattiv". I experimented with various mediums to produce different magazine issues. Erbgħin Kreattiv (Maltese) Forty Creative (English).
The main idea of the identity was to produce a look of action to express contemporary art through the motion of the logo. The different arrangements of the logo creates a sense of motion by blurred forms, and textures that cause the eye to move over the work.

"We are a large group of creative people - over 40 working on each project that will come out of this collaborative, which is a large team, and a distinctive quality hence part of our identity. It shows that we have varied abilities & talents, and that we are a community. The Maltese words in the title, and the subtle nods to design aspects in Malta, also show that we are proud of our heritage and culture."


Andrew Carter

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