Eric Clapton - Clapton Album Campaign

  • Ed Roberts-Graver
  • Ross Olivey

It was a bit of a dream coming up with and developing a concept for Eric Clapton’s eponymous album.

It was a return to form for the guitar legend, which saw him take a wonderfully warm trip down memory lane, dusting off the standards and roots music that got him hooked.
Writing, designing and directing the concept was a great opportunity to revel in the nostalgic, retrospective tone of the album. The process of researching and sourcing period correct musical equipment used throughout his career was a gear-head’s dream, and we had a lot of fun collaborating with Renaya Lloyd to craft a studio space that evoked the warm sound and historic mood of the record. It goes without saying that we greatly benefitted from Clapton being an icon, having Fender step in to supply signature reliced gear.
The launch campaign consisted of a TVC, a Clapton on Clapton EPK featuring a candid interview with the man himself, and the associated marketing assets.
Record Label - Warner Music Group
Production Company - Steam Motion and Sound
Producers - Brett Sullivan and Clayton Jacobsen
Graphics - Brendon Bennett
Animatic - Jeremy Mansford


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