Estere and the beat

  • Musa C

Singer/songwriter and producer Estere (born Estere Dalton) grew up with a fondness of music, listening to her parents’ old cassettes and records in the beautiful city of Wellington (capital of New Zealand). It didn’t take long for the now Paris resident to grasp a love and appreciation for music, which later transmuted into an ability to write, perform and produce her own. Having a Pākehā New Zealand mother, and a father of Cameroonian descent, her artistry is highly influenced by the uniqueness of her cultural background. Her eclectic style of music is matched by her energy in her build-a-set music videos with a vibrant personality that isn’t easily dimmed by her high-octane performance, dance routines and vivid sense of style. Armoured with her range of play of musical instruments, her penchant for electronic equipment like synthesisers, launchpads and her trusted sampler she stylises ‘Lola’, suggested her title genre as the self-proclaimed ‘Electric Blue Witch-Hop Producer’. Her confidence and vitality is evident in her punchy beats with a work ethic that is visible through her art form. Hours before gracing the stage for her sold out London show, she with the ease of a professional artist (despite having just alighted a long haul flight from New Zealand) oozes energy by practicing her harmonies, amid getting changed for her photoshoot with us.