• Tulimond ・。*:・゚✧・

The very ethereal high-end interior design, is a highly personal project that was inspired by the client's personality, style and taste. Her elegant, pink and peony loving soul, resides in every corner of the interior; making it the primary focus while creating the design. Transparent & translucent materials play an essential role. Apart from being used as a primary element reinforcing the ethereal concept of the interior, their ability to interact with both sunlight and artificial light creates an atmosphere of surreal; depending on the time of day and year, the atmosphere changes, creating an ever-changing aura for the space without altering any of the interior. As a hybrid space, the Café and Fashion Boutique―in particular, were designed with an open space layout. The idea, is to mix the fashion and shopping experience with the tastiest and fanciest dainties on menu. This mix was thought of, mostly because of the small space at hand. However, it created an opportunity to design a unique interior concept curated for the client's vision.

View full project at: tulimond.com/etheree-en-rose

Ground Floor: Café, Fashion Boutique, Instagram Corner and VIP Room.

Basement: Nail Studio, Fitting Room, Makeup Vanity, Event Space, Toilets and Staff Room.