Ethical fashion with a Tunisian flair, courtesy of the new brand Chez Nous.

  • Racha Bouhouche

Chez Nous. opens the doors towards a way of thinking for our environment and for ourselves. No matter our colour, age, gender or size, it will fit!

When clothes are worn like a second skin, being aware of what you buy is not a luxury. And Chez Nous., a newly born Franco-Tunisian brand, has understood this! Far from greenwashing and diversity facade, it is with a transparency uncommon in fashion, that Chez Nous. will inaugurate its first collection. The founder Camélia Barbachi, takes the lead in showing that respect for others and our planet can be matched with our most beautiful clothes. To discover the backstage of this striking project, Dune talks to her to learn more.
We find references to Tunisia through each step of the product's life. During the creative process, I draw a lot of inspiration from my memories of Tunisia and the Tunisian way of life. The flagship piece of the first collection is inspired by a traditional Djerbian garment that my grandfather used to wear. Camélia Barbachi