• Iona Dutton
Titled "EUPHORIA", the essence of this collection expresses ideas of celebration, playfulness and joy. With references ranging from a vast array of sources including famous cultural festivals world-wide, action painters and vintage fairground graphics, this collection is a culmination of many disparate elements, combined to express an extreme mental state. Collage and the interpretation of 2D graphics as 3D components to complement the form inspired much of the initial pattern cutting - a dynamic 3D component being an essential for each look as to echo my design aesthetic. The bold, bright and contrasting colour palette was taken from collages of fairground imagery ranging from the 50s to present day. The prints used on some of the garments were inspired by the techniques of painter/sculptor Katharina Grosse- using multitudes of colours to cover surfaces, never constrained by the idea of a base canvas. Using 'Euphoria' as the emotion I wished to convey, I created ceiling high paintings of my own, before condensing my work down into a print format. Despite the bold and playful nature of the designs, the fabrics used are of the finest quality, and the designs have an air of elegance, making the collection suitable for evening wear.