• Hamza Aliati

A direct-to-consumer brand for the ones who seek out transparency, sustainability, and curated natural botanicals.

Located in Canada, Europa started as a natural product skin and hair care company inspired by the traditional healing remedies utilized throughout centuries in Africa.

Exposing some of the rarest plants with healing attributes on earth, Europa employs the highest quality of potent natural botanicals ensuring chemical-free processes in the creation of their premium products. Their fair-trade methods for sourcing raw materials together with sustainable farming practices give support to social and economic welfare for women in Uganda.
Developing a sophisticated skin and hair care brand that enhances its natural components and formulas inspired by traditional African remedies.

It was important to channel the ingredient that brought the brand to existence, and the welfare methods of sourcing it. From the beginning, it was needed to create an identity that would put all the weight on the quality of materials, be as transparent and natural as possible, and would invite scrutiny and deconstruction. A somewhat architectural approach.
The solution is stripping the brand back to its roots and opting for a science-led approach, putting its miracle ingredient at the forefront of the design. Textures and a singular typeface emit the superfluous and leaving only the most essential of design elements.

The brand features embossed emblem of roots representing the most important ingredient in their products, the Nilotic’a tree.
The packaging comprises three different textures of materials and is minimal without feeling clinical, with the text stripped back to include only the mandatory information and printed with black print applied directly to the bottles.
The emblem appears throughout the packaging adding a delicate, organic feel and tying together the essence of the brand.