European Space Agency - Paxi

  • Leonora Haig
  • Melanie Poiesz
  • Lauriane Iris Dorval
When you get the call to voice an alien for the ESA you answer with a big ‘hell yeah!’
Paxi is the ESA kid’s mascot and all around great guy who - fun fact - has even flown on the International Space Station!
I have been the voice of Paxi for a number of videos now and it’s a great gig, one where I actually learn stuff too!
We worked for a good while at the beginning to get the voice of Paxi just right. Despite being an alien he has the voice of a young English boy (go figure) and he had to be clear, engaging and fun.
Inwas kindly given the audio and video to take as inspiration before recording which is great for making sure the tone, rhythm and general tone of the VO fits in with the rest of the project.


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