• Ofilaye .

-eve- This project aims to show the deep connection between femininity, nature, purity, and birth as they are experienced across two hemispheres. In a green space surrounded by green bamboo plants a bridge between western historical ideas of femininity and birth - Eve, and eastern ideals of being in nature as a space for reflection and thought - zen gardens is born. The bamboo plants sprout upwardly out of red apples. Whilst in other photos we see Maki draped in red fabric that clings to the skin like blood, emulating the liquids that surround us as we are born, though as they are an adult the redness can also be interpreted as the blood of the menstruation cycle. Another image shows Maki in the foetal position surrounded by a sea comprised of a deep calm blue. Blue (lapis lazuli) being a colour that was rare and expensive to purchase during the renaissance art period, it was often used for holy figures like the Virgin Mary such as in Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato's, “The Virgin in Prayer” (1640–50), where she dons as deep blue robe and an almost glowing white headscarf. Photo/concept/set: @ofilaye Model: @maki.apple