‘Everyday Delight' :

  • Sid White-Jones
  • Nicola Parry

‘Everyday Delight’ (Stay at Home Edition) is an online photography exhibition which showcases photography that discovers the beauty in the everyday, finds the magic in the mundane, and looks for the joy in the small things.⁣ The exhibition is curated by Shutter Hub and will run throughout the April, May, June and July of 2020, featuring the work of over thirty photographers. I have two full-colour Still Life works featured within the exhibition. The still life is one of the most practiced styles of photography, no doubt due (in part) to the sheer accessibility of the genre. The concept of arranging found-objects is available to all and can be executed in any given location, making it the perfect creative outlet for this moment, in which we all find ourselves constricted by space.⁣ You can visit the exhibition by visiting the exhibitions menu on the Shutter Hub website or using the link : https://shutterhub.org.uk/exhibition-everyday-delight-stay-at-home-edition/ For more info on Shutter Hub visit - W: www.shutterhub.org.uk IG: @shutter_hub TW: @shutter_hub