Everyman Cinemas iPhone App

  • Warren Kerrigan

Everyman Cinemas approached Can Factory to create and launch their first mobile iOS app for the Apple App Store. Launched in July 2019 the app offers both online ticketing, in-venue features and integrated Apple services. The app leverages a mix of native pages and embedded web views. The booking flow’s embedded web views adopt styling to ensure a seamless in-app experience and UI throughout the app. Parallelled with the unique user interface, Everyman’s iOS app’s UX allows users to book with ease and engage with all of the additional features. From the welcome splash screen of Twiggy, the striking typeface seen throughout the navigation, to the unique user experience, Everyman’s iOS app design stands out against its competitors. Venues can be selected via the Venue tab, and sorted by location and alphabetical order. Tab bar navigation provides users with instant access to Films, Venues and Music. Within the Films tab, horizontal scrollable dates and times are leveraged to create more viewable content. Split views allow the user to engage in film info, soundtracks, and extra content while also browsing film dates and showtimes. Trailers and extra video content are watched within an embedded video player, which is expandable for full screen viewing without exiting the app. Geo-location services are utilised to allow for a truly personalised experience, ensuring the customer finds their closest venue and encouraging users to check-in on arrival to access in-venue features. Triggered when a user is 50m away from a venue, a location specific splash screen appears welcoming the customer to the In-venue services. Venue information for each cinema incorporates “Getting here” information, opening times, embedded Apple maps integrated with location services and screen information. In partnership with Apple Music for Business and Apple MusicKit, the app’s unique features extend the customer’s cinema experience online. Everyman became the first cinema chain to allow customers access to film soundtracks, curated playlists and in-venue music through their app. Customers can even continue to listen to tracks whilst browsing through their film offerings and booking a ticket. Integration with Apple services also extends to Apple Pay, and Apple Wallet, allowing customers to complete the booking process fully on their device. Rich content within the app, from trailers to an assortment of exclusive film content allows an extra layer of engagement, accessible across every film view. Customers can save all of their Everyman passes within their wallet by adding to Apple Wallet and access easily for each visit. Following their visit, users receive a post movie notification encouraging further engagement with additional film content. Account Management, Login and Signup are all accessible via another embedded web view. With the range of features on offer, the app creates an inclusive end-to-end experience for all its users, while also offering exclusivity through it’s unique feature-set. As part of the iOS 13 update, Can Factory implemented Dark Mode for the Everyman app allowing for a darker colour palette for all views, menus and navigation; a more comfortable and subtle palette for in-venue viewing. Can Factory continues to work closely with Everyman to introduce innovative features and to provide ongoing support to ensure the app remains current within the fast moving entertainment sector. TECHNOLOGIES USED LANGUAGES Java HTML CSS Javascript Swift SQL PLATFORMS & FRAMEWORKS Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Microsoft SQL Server iOS Apache Tomcat JQuery Hibernate Spring MVC 3RD PARTY INTEGRATION Vista Movio CRM Apple MusicKit Apple Music API Apple Maps Firebase

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