Exhibition Assistant

  • Celestia Anstruther

Assistant to Factum Arte in their interactive Royal Academy exhibition 'The Veronica Scanner: Live 3D Portraiture' that showcased 'the Veronica Chorographic Scanner', a bespoke 3D head scanner. In a matter of seconds, the scanner used eight cameras to capture 96 high resolution photographs of the human head from every angle, mapping even the finest surface details. These images were then processed into a digital 3D model, replicating every feature of the face in intricate detail. Visitors watched as the images taken from the scanner were converted into 3D portraits in real time and added to a growing studio display. As part of the experiment, every day one scan was selected at random to be carved into a wooden bust by a highly specialised robot, lent from the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London. A group of 3D printers also created busts, allowing the public to witness the 3D printing process in real time.

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