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    As a photographer there are many expenses that are legitimately claimable with the correct, expert accounting advice. Expenses that are wholly and exclusively for the purpose of the trade are allowed to be claimed as an allowable expense for tax purposes
    In some cases, expenses have a dual purpose (relates to personal and business use). In this instance, the portion that exists for business purposes is claimable.
    Below is a list of expenses that can be claimed as an expense as long as they relate to your business.
    ·      Accountancy and other professional fees
    ·      Administrative costs
    o   Stationary
    o   Postage
    o   Fax
    o   Photocopying
    o   Other office costs
    ·      Advertising
    ·      Agents and Managers fees/commission
    ·      Research
    o   CDs
    o   DVDs
    o   Downloads
    o   Books
    o   Scripts
    o   Sheet Music
    o   Theatre tickets
    o   Cinema tickets
    ·      Clothing that exists for the sole purpose of work
    ·      Cosmetic Surgery
    ·      Costume and Props
    ·      Use of home costs
    o   Council tax
    o   Gas
    o   Electricity
    o   Insurance
    o   Water rates
    o   Mortgage interest/rent
    ·      Website costs
    ·      Subscriptions
    o   Digital SLR Photography etc.
    ·      Maintenance of equipment and insurance
    ·      Professional publications
    ·      Start up costs
    ·      Telephone, mobile and internet
    ·      Travelling expenses to interviews, photo shoots and training courses
    o   Taxis
    o   Train
    o   Tube
    o   Bus
    o   Car/Van, motorcycle and bicycle
    ·      Travelling and subsistence on tour
    ·      Tuition and coaching
    ·      Capital Expenditure

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