EXTRAGGED (Fashion Brand)

  • Ellen Wright
  • Joe Lang
EXTRAGGED is our very own fashion label and ticket to world domination. It was born out of our love for fashion, reviving old clothes and our huge alter ego.

EXTRAGGED is more than just another fashion label though. We aim to create a movement and gain a cult following of fashion lovers who think like us, talk like us and dress like us. The EX represents the old clothing and the RAGGED is what we do to the clothing to create an EXTRAGGED piece.

Since we begun in November 2012 EXTRAGGED has come a long way. With nothing but social media chanels we have attracted the attention of some of the top fashion bloggers from around the world. We've also been featured in many magazines as a new up-and-coming brand, including VOGUE Magazine . We are currently working with Sony Music to style some of their artists such as ‘Little Mix’ and 'Kingsland Road in bespoke EXTRAGGED. We have hosted many events all over London and Essex and recently held our first catwalk in Hackney which was a huge success.