• Hugo Cuellar

Storytelling is one of the many age old rituals that take place when people gather and drink whisky. As part of Fable Whisky's identity, I was commisioned to create the first set of illustrations and animation short to accompany the release of the bottle. The idea being that as you sample the whisky you also submerge yourself in the story. For this, they chose a legend that really represents the mystery and rugged beauty of Scotland: The Ghost Piper of Clanyard Bay. The world in which this tale takes place is one filled with mist, deep shadows and texture. We wanted to create something that feels old and alluring, and so the ink drawing approach served quite well in bringing that simple and organic quality. The unnecessary detail on the characters and environments was stripped back to let the viewer's imagination fill the gaps and give the overall film the rawness it deserves. Less is more.

Label Illustrations: