Fabric London New Residents Portraits

From Fabric London's website “Having a residency is a great luxury for a DJ who wants to explore musical possibilities. Versatility is key, as is the ability to respond to genre and a variety of guests. It’s been a wonderful journey staying in the same place. Playing week in, week out taught me to take risks, conquer fear and assume musical command of a room. The role of a resident is to provide stability and excitement in equal measure. The music itself must always be the most powerful force.” – Craig Richards “I always liked the challenge of being a resident DJ. Making people move, escape, have fun. Exposing new music on a great system. There aren’t many better places to take up the challenge than the three rooms at fabric. Big but intimate, with a sound set-up that’s second-to-none. It’s a pleasure to be part of this fantastic club’s journey, and welcome a group of new faces into the family.” – Terry Francis If there’s anyone that’s qualified to talk about a DJ residency, it’s Craig Richards and Terry Francis. In 1999 they became the core of Saturday nights in EC1, guiding the sound of the club every week alongside our invited guests. We offered them a space with the perfect set-up to hone their craft, and provided a platform for nurturing the talent we believed in. Over the last two decades, we’ve always prided ourselves on supporting all of our artists through the course of their careers. This philosophy has been the same since we opened, and we’ve been privileged that it’s carried us into our 20th year. Since then, the world of electronic music has changed in many ways, and the nature of being a resident DJ has also evolved. Craig and Terry earned their stature by upholding a weekly residency, but these days, the meaning of playing as a resident DJ has changed. Music travels faster, and the emerging artists we champion are regularly offered invaluable opportunities to flourish outside of Farringdon. Our position has also helped artists to fully reach their potential elsewhere. As we reflect on our underlying ethos, we’re thrilled to announce we’ll now be a regular home for 12 new family members alongside our founding residents Craig Richards and Terry Francis and Sunday resident Jacob Husley. On Saturdays, Anna Wall, Bobby., Imogen, Jay Clarke and Voigtmann will all be joining us. Forms will welcome three new faces: Jaden Thompson, Lindsey Matthews, and Tommy Vercetti. FABRICLIVE, meanwhile, will host three solo artists, and one duo: Cimm, Mantra, Mark Dinimal, and Fish & Sherry S. Like our longstanding mainstays, our new residents will be appearing on a regular basis across our weekend programming. We’re excited to support them on their journeys and can’t wait for you to hear more from them soon.