Fabulous Ones

  • Tim Boddy

Fabulous Ones scrutinises LGBTQ+ identity politics while mapping queer spaces in London, and considers what is a queer space, how we define them, and who is permitted to define them. The rising tide of racism and homophobia in society further informs the project, which also addresses the prejudices found within the LGBTQ+ community itself. London saw a 58% reduction in queer spaces between 2006 and 2016. While this statistic is important and has attracted headlines, the reality is more nuanced. A plethora of vibrant collectives have emerged that better represent all members of the queer community and the diversity that exists within it, including people who had traditionally been less well served. Social events for, and run by, queer women, queer people of colour, non-binary, intersex, and trans people have become far more prominent. My multi-layered work features those involved in running these collectives and offers an insight into the joyful and necessary tactics being used to queer social spaces and nightlife in London.