FACT - United Visual Artists: Chromatic

  • 180 STUDIOS

Inside one of the Synchronicity exhibition’s most striking new audiovisual works.

Showing as part of Synchronicity, United Visual Artists’ largest exhibition to date, Chromatic is an immersive audiovisual work commissioned by 180 Studios that explores the relationship between frequencies of sound and colour. Inspired by chromeosthesis, a type of synesthesia where sound evokes impressions of colour, shape and movement, Chromatic is built with software that allows composer Daniel Junior Thibaut to play the installation like a visual instrument.

“The idea for the installation draws inspiration from how our cognitive mechanisms frequently intertwine our senses,” UVA co-founder Matt Clark tells Fact in our next print issue. “Throughout history, visual artists, musical composers, and scientists have drawn parallels between colour and sound. It’s a well-explored field but something we wanted to explore further.”

In this video, Thibault and UVA’s Jon Skerrit speak to us more about how Chromatic works and the ideas behind the musical composition.

Synchronicity is open until 17 December, 2023 and features new works Polyphony, Ensemble and Present Shock II (a fresh collaboration with Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja) as well as newly created versions of Vanishing Point and Topologies.