Fahrenheit 451

  • Patrick Baldwin

Performed by BA (Hons) Acting CDT, working alongside students from the BA (Hons) Theatre Practice.

‘Our civilisation is flinging itself to pieces. Stand back from the centrifuge.’

Ray Bradbury’s dystopian world is given theatrical life in this stylish and complex devised adaptation. Are we living the future that this iconic 1950s novel imagined? Are we plugged in to our virtual lives and losing perspective? Have we become Bradbury’s anti-social beings who never interact on a meaningful level?

This ensemble show uses immersive sound design and stunning visuals along with object manipulation to bring the tale of Fahrenheit 451 into collision with life in 2020. This classic story has never been more important.

Performed with permission of Don Congdon Associates, Inc. on behalf of Ray Bradbury Literary Works LLC.