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  • Jasreen Jawanda

I have been a fashion influencer since October 2017. I run my own Instagram & Facebook page. Starting this platform as a teenager not knowing who I was and being ashamed of certain elements of myself, the present Jasreen aims is to provide a platform for 'Mid-sized' women and girls aged 13-25 as in an industry swamped by Kardashian lookalikes, I wanted to give girls a similar size to mine fashion and lifestyle inspiration ranging from fitness to clothing. I also put a huge focus on activism and encouraging young women to become apart of movements such as BLM, anti-racism, LGBTQ+ rights, and just generally encouraging them to be proud of their identity and more. I am always working on creating new content for my followers such as IGTV videos, reels, vlogs, styling mood-boards, and much more. I am aiming towards building my following even more by creating a YouTube Channel and TikTok.

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