Fashion Curation '13

The concept and research of Xenia Capacete-Caballero, Daniel Caulfield-Sriklad and Fiona McKay was selected for representation at the London College of Fashion MA ’13 Show at Victoria House, London, in February 2013. The installation was exhibited once more in 2014 at the Moving Textiles: Digital Encounters exhibition, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury.

Focusing on the archive of menswear collector, Fraser Laing of General Eyewear (formerly Archiv), the installation showcased three ways of displaying historic dress. In collaboration with using the following forms of multimedia: Fashion Film, 3D scanning technologies and an Interactive Online Component.

The resulting installation included two films and a website, which were produced and designed by the three curators. The culmination was both an immersive and challenging experience, which pointed towards the future potential of multi-media within the field of fashion curation.

This process of working with innovative technology was also been presented as a case study at the Digital Fashion 2013 Conference in May 2013.