Fedrigoni 365 project

For the last three years I was invited to participate in Fedrigoni’s 365 calendar. Each designer was asked to conceptually interpret a day of the year.

24 March
On this day in 1874, the great Harry Houdini was born. One of his most famous illusions was the ‘East Indian Needle trick’ where he appeared to swallow 100 threaded needles, then regurgitate them for the crowd to see.

5 March
On this day in 1981, the Sinclair ZX81 launched: a low-cost introduction to home computing. Limited only by 64 × 48 pixels, imaginary worlds were created and explored by 1.5 million users.
Using the seed words ‘Tip’ and ‘Less’ for inspiration. I entered twice under Monovan and © Holmes Studio.

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