Feel me to feel you - for @astrophemagazine

  • Simran Kaur

"Feel Me to Feel You" is a fashion editorial photoshoot that delves into the concept of sharing intimacy and the positive effects it can have. The aim of this editorial is to capture the essence of human connection, vulnerability, and the emotional depth that comes with experiencing intimacy with another person. The photoshoot showcases models in various intimate poses, emphasizing physical touch, eye contact, and body language. The images strive to convey a sense of closeness, trust, and a deep understanding between the subjects. The fashion choices and styling may reflect a combination of comfort, sensuality, and elegance, enhancing the overall mood and atmosphere of the shoot. Through this editorial, the photographer aims to highlight the benefits of intimacy. Intimacy can foster emotional connection, promote feelings of security and belonging, and provide a space for individuals to express their true selves without judgment. It can also create an environment where personal growth, healing, and self-discovery can occur. Overall, "Feel Me to Feel You" is an artistic representation of intimacy, capturing the beauty, depth, and transformative nature of human relationships through the lens of fashion photography. Credits: Photographer and Creative director Simran Kaur @simran_k_01 Stylist Lauren Croft @laurenncroftt Stylist’s assistants Alexandra Cherta @acherta Victoria Alaeva @victorialaeva Casting Director Autumn Jensen @autumnjensencasting Movement Director Jo Marie Brent @jomariebrent MUA Yuanfan Yu @meinv_mua Hairstylist Evelyn Davies @evelyndavieshairr Nail artist Megan Thomas @brixton_klaws Used Chanel @chanelofficial Models Kiran Patel @kiranmp_ From Autumn Jensen Casting @autumnjensencasting Lily Drinkwater @lily_kd From Established models @estmodels