Femmesafe Campaign for Domestic Violence

  • Aisha Waheeb

I and Reena Hospidales were tasked with creating a campaign in response to Domestic violence for our third year module on 'Women and Politics'. We were given a first class for our presentation based on how interactive and thought through our work was in response to our brief. We created a non profit organisation called Femmesafe. All the design work was done by myself and Reena focused on capturing the details of what our campaign would be about. Our campaign focused on capturing the attention of young women, educating them and providing resources on Domestic abuse and violence. The main objective was creating an interactive piece of work that would be able to be reposted on social media sites. Both images were created using Canva and touched up in Adobe Photoshop. Design: Aisha Waheeb Presentation: Reena Hospidales

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