Film Making

  • Denzel Wireko

Currently I am working on a film series concept with action comparable to prison break!! in later episodes in my perception this will be a major project as a independent film which aims to touch on urban nightlife culture in the black community whilst touching on issues we face as black men and women such as racism,gender discrimination , systematic oppression and colourism which will fall under my entertainment and media brand I’m building which aims to produce authentic media and entertainment content. Having analysed the U.K. there are negative perceptions associated with "drugs and crime" it made me want to further modify the narrative to portray and educate to other communities who may be unaware the significant issues such as socioeconomics the black community face which is detrimental to our mental health and well-being. I personally feel this project can be potentially a great life changing opportunity and I would like to connect and network with the best of the best creatives to execute this to the best of my ability aswell as effecting the independent U.K. film scene as exceeding limitations which is my aim and internalised within me due to my competitive nature despite being an unknown underdog and upcoming Unpaid but a great opportunity to be part of a project effecting the black culture and community which could go on to be a significant project in years to come!! Which could empower and educate not only black communities but other communities worldwide also aim to do short film series Looking for : Videographers (Aspiring & Experienced) Photographers ( (Aspiring & Experienced) Film makers (Aspiring & Experienced) Film directors (Aspiring & Experienced) Film Producer (Aspiring & Experienced) Fashion Designers (Aspiring & Experienced) Creative Designers (Aspiring & Experienced) Stylists (Aspiring & Experienced) Entrepreneurs (Aspiring & Experienced) Screen Writers (Aspiring & Experienced) LIST IS NOT LIMITED TO ABOVE ONLY IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR EXPERTISE CAN BE SIGNIFICANT CREATIVES CONNECT WITH ME!!