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My Final Major Project, 'A women's body through surrealism' has been inspired by surealist artists research to influence the shapes and colourways throughout the collection. In todays generation, every woman has their own visons and beliefs of what the 'perfect' body looks like and in this project, I have focused on moving away from this by creating androgynous street-wear clothing where the wearer can not be identified as woman or man. The collection has been designed based around the drawings of the female body that were created by surrealist artist Hans Bellmer. Hans Bellmer created drawings of the female body, which he called 'The doll'. These drawings were created in a surreal and manipulated way to represent how he imagined the body to look. I was able to construct my designs from creating huge oversized drapes and forming them to fit the body, by using techniques such as pleating and tucking areas of the fabric. I used neutral colours for this collection and used various different skin tones, as well as using juxtaposing firm and soft fabrics, as I wanted to really portray elements and textures of the female body. As my collection focuses on classic jersey pieces, I wanted to make graphics a focus point, using Hans Bellmer's drawings to influence embroideries and prints.

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