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Final Major Project - Into The Aether

Into The Aether - Video game idea concept art.
Clay renders of the characters.
The Protagonist - Chosen by Lenya, the Godess of Nature & Protection as her faithful. She weilds Faithkeeper, Lenyas sword for her chosen one.
Ekros, The God of Wrath - The antagonist of the story. He wishes to consume the world for himself has has shrouded his etheral form in black armour to terrify his enemies.
Faithkeeper, Lenya's sword for her chosen one - The blade was broke but that just made the magic more powerful for the next one who Lenya would choose as her faithful. The blade, once unsheathed becomes etheral and cannot harm an innocent, but deystroys Ekros' minions easily.
Vexator, Ekros' tool for destruction - This whip of chain attatched with maces can extend and reach out by the will of Ekros. Only he can truly weild it as it is painful and heavy for mortals to weild. It causes discomfort and pain to just be around it.

Project Tags

  • 3D
  • blender
  • zbrush
  • Photoshop
  • Video Games
  • concept art
  • Game Design
  • new designers 2017
  • new designers
  • design

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