Fine Print Exhibition

Join us this weekend for a free exhibition in Soho, London.

In a life of overwhelming choice, it pays to read the ‘Fine Print’. Ethical style agency Novel Beings presents a collection of evocative ‘still life’ installations that tell the stories behind the everyday products we use and asks how their provenance can lead us to make empowered, positive choices.

Working across a variety of themes including fashion, beauty, food and farming, the installations encourage us to investigate our own values and to ask: what is really important to us, as individuals and as part of a global community? Is it personal health and the health of our children? Is it the working and living conditions of those who make our products? Is it animal and environmental welfare? In a sea of well-meaning intentions, how do we make the best possible choices for ourselves and for the world we live in?

Each still life is accompanied by text in fine print inspiring the viewer to look past the surface beauty of the piece and engage with the real information behind the sum of its parts. Using various methods of magnification in order to read the words, we focus on the idea that fine print is often more important than we are led to believe. In those small letters, we may uncover hidden truths to change our perceptions, what we purchase, what we put on our skin, what we ingest into our bodies and - ultimately - how we help to shape the world around us.