Fire vs Water: Ismail's Quest for Freedom

  • Beatriz Fonseca
As part of my final project at University, I had to create an interactive website using Wordpress and include original video and photography. This was the peak of my degree as I got the chance to combine everything I learnt during the past three years and it is a work that I am very proud of. You can find it here. More work samples can also be found here.
As Ismail’s hands scythe the freezing water, the sun emerges through the morning skies. It’s just another winter morning and the city of Izmir stretches its arms, pretending it got enough sleep last night. Ismail and his cousin didn’t wait for the sun to wake up and went from bed straight to swimming in the cold water. They’ve been doing it every day since last week, for at least one or two hours. Soon they’ll have to cross the Mediterranean in an inflatable motor boat and want to be prepared. It is the only way of feeling in control of something that has been out of control for a long time.


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