First Edition Mag.

First LADIES DRAWING CLÜB 100 pages publishing that presents contemporary female artists from all over the world.

We are the LADIES DRAWING CLÜB - international independent contemporary art community what presents emerging artists ladies from all other the world. We are the small team based in St-Petersburg, Russia.
Our mission is to search, detect and support young artists/ladies and to keep all what we found with personal through our project. We find female art just as a unique segment in the art world. We feel it more instinctively and have a strong passion to discover it. And in order to preserve this in history, we publish Issues and Magazines that we managed to collect not only everything that we know about women's art today, but also our love for book publishing, thereby vesting information in personal symbols.
We believe that we are living in a time when everything around us is ready to accept female creativity like never before. We find emerging art as a symbol that connects people, culture and time. This is the period in which each artist was, and, as we know from history, it is often the brightest period that most characterises the artist. And naturally, this is what allows culture to develop; create and leave behind epochs. It is the power of our days.
Here you can find thirty seven artists and the best works from the very opening of the club in September 2019.
LADIES DRAWING CLÜB is aimed to search for young emerging artists/ladies and create an international art community, a place for creativity, courage, support and inspiration. We support only women and those who call themselves such. It’s our conscious choice and the main development vector of challenging gender inequality in contemporary art and popular culture.
The map of our project is quite impressive: there are now 105 artists/ladies from more than 20 countries, from Canada to the Philippines. They are all different but our community unites them. We enlighten the world about different topics by presenting them and their works through our magazines. International approach is a new vector in the list of genders, classes, races and etc. as a specific point.
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