Fit For Repurpose

  • Maisie Gale
  • Rimzee Razvi

My influences and research inspiration sources for my graduate collection is 100% recycled with the focus on the three R’s; RE-CYLE, RE-USE, RE-MAKE. My collection is made from waterproof materials used in the outer body of discarded tents from festivals and holiday campers. The designs reuse the functional features and attributes of the tent, for example ties, ropes, zips, eyelets D rings etc. These components are key details with the new garment’s features. Each garment is designed directly from the tents, manipulating the large pieces around the dress stand, creatively cutting the existing tent features to guide the design process, and achieve the garment shapes organically directly on the dress stand. Glastonbury 2020 was the main inspiration for this collection, with it being the 50th anniversary, it was the perfect opportunity to look back at inspirational stories of the last 50 years and everything they are doing to be environmentally conscious at each festival. This influenced my colour palette, textile prints, artwork and unique embroidery to embellish designs on top of the fabrics. Influenced by the global maps of travellers to the festival, places and people who would have owned these re-used tents, leaving their DNA and marks inherent in the fabrics, it gives my collection that authenticity with each garment being an individual, unique piece with a story to tell.

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