Flats Madrid

A real estate agency operating in Madrid
Flats Madrid is intended to bring professional corporate housing for customers all around the world, making their experience completely amazing since the moment they enter the website. The service offers special houses all over Madrid for different styles, needs and budgets.
Our Roles
Research, Information Architecture, UX Design, UI Design, Wireframes & Prototyping, Logo design and Branding
The Challenge
The customer had a goal of making the service of ultimately comfortable accommodation for visitors that at the same time allows Relocation Agents to search for the new customers. Such service requires a huge amount of information to be explored by the user. Therefore, it was necessary to simplify and provide all settings and results with the maximum convenience.
The work resulted in the possibility for a user to choose not only apartments according to the budget, number of tenants and rooms but also the location with the nearest metro station. Also we have developed a map of Madrid regions: clicking on a specific region the user can find apartments in this area only. Check it out!