FMP graduate collection - CULTURE GAMES

  • Humairaa Bulbul

For my collection I am exploring my British Indian heritage. Looking at the differences these two cultures bring and merging them together. I am combining and clashing the traditional Indian fabrics with more athleisure and sportswear styles of silhouettes and fabrics. I was inspired by the delicate embellished Indian garments and wanted to incorporate this with casual sportswear. Both complete different styles of clothing and adorned for two different occasions. The idea of my concept came about when I was looking at England in particular multicultural city's and how citys like London and Leicester have people form all types of different backgrounds and cultures . This made me look at my parents both immigrants from Africa who started a complete new life in Britain and how they adapted to a western society. One way they did this was through dressing . I wanted my collection to be personal and meaningful and to be a reflection of who I am. People like me of my background are not usually seen in the industry so I wanted my collection to speak for me and be recognised with many youths who come from immigrant parents.

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