Fondazione Marche Cultura - identity

  • Francesca Ciafrè
Fondazione Marche Cultura is a regional organization for preservation and promotion of Le Marche's cultural heritage. Le Marche is an Italian Region settled in the middle of Italy. Even if it's not very known, it gave birth to important figures of Italian culture.
“Culture” include many different fields and Fondazione Marche Cultura concentrate in itself different organization. 
For these reasons we started from the circle, a form that includes. Melting the letter “C” and the circle, we obtained a form that we mixed up to give an idea of dynamism: culture isn’t static, it is creation and re-creation.
We designed a responsive logo, with three different versions: regular, small (using only one quarter) and detailed (with symbols inside the quarters)

Typeface & Colors

The font we chose is Avenir Regular and Bold. Avenir is timeless font, classic but contemporary. It is minimal but elegant.
We used main colors for official documents and business cards, while we used five more colors for posters, gadgets and website. All the colors are bright to give an idea of something fun and alive, like culture should be.