Food for Thought: Empathy Tableware Design Research for Diabetes Family

  • Wendy Xiuwen Chen

Change in diet can make diabetes patients feel marginalised when the family does not adapt its eating habits to the patient’s dietary needs and restrictions. Patients sometimes need to control food intake to maintain disease management, but they don't want to affect the dining atmosphere in their family. Therefore, this project is exploring how to reduce the inequality and emotional stress that people with diabetes can feel in the family dining environment, creating an empathetic family dining atmosphere. By designing the appearance of the plate very similar, including the height and size, while the depth of the plate is changed, thereby concealing the food intake consumed for diabetes patients. Through such an empathetic design, patients would feel that there was no difference between themselves and their families when eating while still choosing to control their food portions, and their families would not need to adjust themselves too much in terms of changing their diet. Please see more here: