Foot Locker Digital Catalogue - UX/UI

  • Juliet Alliban
I worked on this project quite a while ago I understand, but I wanted to include this case study because it was one of my favourite UX/UI projects. I was paired with a talented UX and Development team to ideate, sketch, design and prototype Foot Locker’s first in-store Digital Catalogue, a native app designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab - Android 10.1. The app would allow Foot Locker's in-store customers to browse and order clothing, footwear and accessories. The visual language used existing elements from their European digital style guide. The interface allowed users to join the mailing list or browse collections. The concept was based on collectable cards, where users can flick/swipe through items, explore collections and check availability of stock.
Being part of the early UX/UI ideation phase meant we could shape the core conceptual routes in detail. Concepts and style explorations were produced, progressively creating a design language that reflected the Android UI. Interface designs were exported and sent for build to create a high fidelity prototype showing working functionality, user experience and visual impact. The prototype seamlessly connected to the client’s live product database and presented to the client based in Amsterdam.
CREDITS: Foot Locker, Produced as part of the LBI Mobile Accelerator Team, LBI, London.