• Thelonious Rager
  • Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo

Gold is said to be a perfect metal & is used for religious symbols to a rapper’s chain. From wealth to addiction, pursuing gold is to become an alchemist. Creating wealth from nothing. Creating art from pain. Whilst being apologetic to love ones for not being who / what they'd deserve in the pursuit of happiness. Dealing in depression and loss, the project is to encompass all the aspects of wanting more for oneself while still trying to decipher who they are to be in the future, by acknowledging the present and forgiving the past. This project is the pursuit of happiness. Duality. Identity. Fear. Depression. Aspiration. To create art from pain. Alchemy. This is every time I told you “I’m fine”. The soundtrack for a Tarantino movie that'll never be made.