Foundation FM - F*ck Being Humble residency

With an uprising in the industry of communities trying to find safe spaces to play, create and grow,’s mission is to showcase the hottest emerging talent in the underground music scene led by a diverse group of women, LGTBQI+ person’s and talented creatives who support our values – with women at the forefront. Invited initially to host a Friday 'Catch Up' show, F*ck Being Humble has since been offered a monthly slot where hosting a 2-hour show interviewing amazing rising stars who are building communities and side hustles. Championing F*ck Being Humble's mission of showcasing industry-changing talent whilst also inspiring people to start their own movements. Special guests have included: - Shannie Mears - Co-Founder of the Elephant Room a - Poonam Dhuffer - Founder of YSM8 - Leyya Sattar - Co-Founder of The Other Box - Roshni Goyate - Co-Founder of The Other Box - Pip Joley - Co-Founder of The Feconomy - Char Elyss - Founder of Girls Will Be Boys Head over to Foundation FM's Mixcloud to listen to each show today, follow @fuckbeinghumbleldn for updates on upcoming shows and sign up to F*ck Being Humble's newsletter for recaps of each interview.